The Gaussian Process Summer Schools are a series of schools and workshops aimed at researchers who want to understand and use Gaussian process models, both in theory and practice. The main summer schools are held in Sheffield, UK. But we also have a series of events that take the summer school ‘on tour’ with Gaussian Process Road Shows.

Upcoming Schools

GPSS 2024 will be hosted at The University of Manchester, UK, from September 9 to September 12.

History of the Summer School

The first meetings were the Gaussian Process Round Table and Gaussian Processes in Practice meetings (in 2005/06). The formal, annual summer schools were started in June 2013 with the first Gaussian Process Summer School. We also ran the first roadshow meeting, in Kampala, Uganda in August 2013. Other road shows were at the Gaussian Process Winter School in Genoa, Italy and the Gaussian Process Summer School in Melbourne, while Neil presented Gaussian processes at the 2015 Sydney Machine Learning Summer School.