Transportation in Copenhagen: (adapted from here.)

Copenhagen is relatively small and it is easy to get around by foot, but the best way to get around is by bicycle (note that a couple of paved streets in the center are for pedestrians only). You can also get around by public transport, check here for some explanations about the payment options (note that the smartphone payment app is not very reliable). For information on getting from/to the airport check here (Metro is a convenient option). Google Maps supports route planning by foot/bicycle/public transport/car.

Do not leave your valuables (including laptops) unattended and always lock your bicycle! Copenhagen is a safe place, but unfortunately things left unattended tend to disappear and rarely return to their owners.

Tickets for public transportation: Copenhagen’s public transportation works with a zone system. A single ticket between the Airport and Copenhagen are three zones and cost 36 DKK, and is valid for two hours in both metro, bus and train. A single ticket between inner Copenhagen and the lecture room is two zones and cost 24 DKK and is valid for two hours as well.

Tickets can be bought in ticket machines on all train and metro stations, as well as on busses.

More information about ticket prices can be found at

Arrival: To get to Copenhagen from the Copenhagen Airport, the easiest way is to take the metro to Nørreport Station or Kongens Nytorv. You can also use the train to get to Nørreport Station or Copenhagen Central.

From hotels to lecture room: If you stay in a hotel in Copenhagen, the easiest way to get to the lecture room is by bus. From Nørreport Station, it is recommended to travel with either bus 150S, 184 or 185 - to the stop called Nørre Campus or with bus 6A or 42 which stop even closer at stop Arresøgade.

You can also choose to walk - from Nørreport Station it is a walk of approximately 2.7 kilometers. Part of the walk is through the Botanical Garden.