Connecting to the Internet

If you have eduroam access please use it. Otherwise if you don’t have eduroam, try the guest account.

To connect with the guest account use network ID guest and the WEP key 63a0b34855.

Preinstalled GPy

If you have IPython and GPy installed on your machine you need to first start by typing

  ipython notebook

into a terminal window (or the command window on Windows). Then start a new notebook and cut and paste the following commands for the relvant lab class.

Lab 1

  import urllib
  urllib.urlretrieve('', 'lab1.ipynb')

Lab 2

  import urllib
  urllib.urlretrieve('', 'lab2.ipynb')

Lab 3

  import urllib
  urllib.urlretrieve('', 'lab3.ipynb')

If you return to the original notebook screen and you should see that the relevant lab is now available. Click on it and start the lab.

No Installed IPython or GPy

For attendees without IPython installed on their notebooks we are providing local servers for log in. You need to get a slip of paper from one of the organizers which will provide a link and a port name. You will be asked for a password, it is gpws2014 and it should get access to the servers. Don’t use the lab files that are on the servers (just delete the files that are on there), instead follow the instructions above to download the latest version of the lab.