12.30Anja Terlouw (LSTM/MLW)Combining data from multiple spatially referenced prevalence surveys: geostatistical analysis of childhood malaria in Chikhwawa District, Malawi
1.15 Pete Gething (Oxford) Spatiotemporal Geostatistics and the Malaria Atlas Project
2.00Peter Diggle (L’pool/L’cr)Statistical Modelling Approaches to Disease Mapping
2.45Neil Lawrence (Sheffield) Personalized Health with Gaussian Processes
3.45Aki Vehtari (Helsinki)Disease Mapping with Gaussian Processes
4.30Rachel Pullan (LSHTM) Challenges of Mapping Neglected Tropical Diseases


08.30 Simo Sarkka (Helsinki)Efficient Computation for Latent Gaussian Spatio-temporal Models
08.50Emanuele Giorgi (L’pool/L’cr) Combining Data from Multiple Prevalence Surveys
09.10Samir Bhatt (Oxford)Using INLA to Examine Changing Patterns of Malaria Prevalence and Intervention Coverage
09.30 Nick Golding (Oxford) Challenges and Opportunities of Large- scale Automated Disease Risk Mapping
09.50Ben Taylor (Lancaster)Methods and an R package for Bayesian Inference with log-Gaussian Cox Processes
10.10 James Hensman (Sheffield)Stochastic variational inference in Gaussian Process models